MAZEfilms Inc., Taps MAYO Communications for Publicity

25 09 2008
MAZEfilms, Inc., Taps MAYO Communications for film publicity

Elizabeth Nicol -JESS- in movie "CORNERED!"

Elizabeth Nicol -JESS- in movie

  LOS ANGELES  MAZEfilms Inc. Managing Director Daniel Maze's new film, "Cornered!," is ready for market, and Maze has enlisted MAYO Communications to promote the horror-suspense feature.   Maze, a Belgian film artist and film production company owner, who has a state-of-the-art FX house near Brussels, plans to open shop in Hollywood in 2009, and has other projects in the works.   MAYO Communications, a full service PR firm based in LA -- with offices in San Diego, New York and Bern, Switzerland -- is handling publicity and media relations for the company's first feature film.   “We are excited to represent such a creative company from Belgium with their first film made in America,” said Aida Mayo, president, MAYO Communications.   “’Cornered!’ is going to be one of the most talked about horror films after its screening next month.” 
MAZEfilms, Inc. on location

MAZEfilms, Inc. on location

With a refreshing spin on the classic horror film, “Cornered!” tells the story of a serial killer and the desperate struggle for survival by his intended victims -- a group of lowlifes who are terrorized by the masked killer with a morbid, voyeur fetish. The killer not only specializes in "creative" torture and murder of victims -- he steals surveillance videos to keep as trophies. This character-driven “who-done-it” is full of unexpected humor and will keep you captivated as it dives into the mind of a demented killer.  "Cornered!" stars Steve Guttenberg ("Police Academy," "Cocoon," "3 Men and a Baby") and James Duval (“Donnie Darko,” “Totally F***ed Up,”  “Independence Day,” “Gone in 60 Seconds”). For more information about the movie and MAZEfilms visit: and
About MAYO (

MAYO Communications, based in LA, with offices in NY, San Diego and Bern, Switzerland, specializes in business, financial, entertainment, hospitality and lifestyle publicity. MAYO’s niche is media placement, branding and media training. Last year MAYO recorded a total record of 200+ million media impressions for LAEDC. A short list of other MAYO clients include: Hydra Properties (Reality TV Show Hydra Executives); H20 Productions; SafeMedia Corporation and Warrior Records.




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